Broccoli,  I choose you!

Imagine this. You’re at a buffet table and you see several types of foods displayed. There are donuts, cakes, oranges, bananas, broccoli, celery, cheese and crackers. What do you choose? If you are used to a SAD diet (Standard American Diet), you probably chose the cake, a few donuts and a wedge of orange. Why?  […]

Aspirin: The effect on pancreatic cancer

A new study has just surfaced stating that aspirin is linked to a lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Since aspirin reduces inflammation, one can only conclude that reducing inflammation reduces pancreatic cancer cells from taking over.  What is inflammation, you may ask? It is a natural event that occurs in the body when a damage […]

Green tea for the win!

Image source Just when you thought you knew all the benefits of green tea from the news and everyone around you including your mom, a new study pops up. Some researchers in Los Angeles recently reported that the active component of green tea called EGCG was shown to slow down the growth of pancreatic cancer cells! […]

Pancreatic cancer: Prevent it NOW

Pancreatic cancer is on the rise. It is said to become the second leading cancer-related cause of death by 2030. These predictions are astounding. The dismal early detection rates and low survival rates makes this really bad news. Currently only 5% survive to their five year anniversary. Which means that 95% of those diagnosed with […]