Aspirin: The effect on pancreatic cancer

A new study has just surfaced stating that aspirin is linked to a lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Since aspirin reduces inflammation, one can only conclude that reducing inflammation reduces pancreatic cancer cells from taking over. 

What is inflammation, you may ask?
It is a natural event that occurs in the body when a damage or injury is being repaired. If an organ is inflamed, it means that it swells up as part of its healing process. The body recruits special cells to the part of the body that needs attention and it swells up to protect it from whatever is causing the damage be it irritation or a foreign body. 

What does this all mean?
As the study suggests, taking a simple aspirin causes reduction or elimination of pancreatic cancer cells. This means that not only is inflammation a step in the pancreatic cancer development process, step one in the development of the disease must be irritation of the pancreas or some sort of damage that would trigger inflammation as a response. If the irritation were removed, the inflammation which when uncontrolled leads to full blown disease would be eliminated. 
Now Aspirin itself, as with any other pharmaceutical, is not without side effects. So even though it does help to decrease inflammation, it should be taken with caution. Better yet, eat one of the numerous foods that have been shown to reduce inflammation. It then becomes a win-win situation.

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