Doctor’s Visit

Below is a fictional story of how I would like things to be…

“The doctor will see you now”, said the nurse.

I frowned my face. I had just gotten there two minutes earlier and I was being called in already? This doctor must be a quack. He has no patients! I walked the cheery yellow hallways behind nurse Lonni to a small room in the back.

“She’ll be right with you” she said and closed the door behind her. That’s it, I smiled. I will now have to sit in this room forever waiting for..

“Hello there, how are you today?” My thoughts were interrupted by an attractive young woman. I had to smile at the error of my previous thoughts and resigned to give this new doctor a try.

I cleared my head quickly and replied “I’m fine thank you. Just here for a yearly checkup”.

She brought out her tablet, pointed it at me and clicked it a few times. It made some strange noises that reminded me of a bot searching for something.

“I see you don’t like visiting doctors often. Nothing wrong with that if you live healthily”. I almost opened my mouth in surprise. How did she know? She interrupted my thoughts again. This is becoming a habit.

” You seem to live well. Your weight has not changed drastically in the last two years and you’re well hydrated. My only concern is that your body CO2 levels are on the high side and your redox balance is slightly acidic”.

That ‘s great!, I thought, after being pestered by everyone to see the doctor

” I’ll prescribe something to normalize that within a week. By the way I’m sending  your data to a secured portal after we’re done”.

She closed the the tablet after a few more clicks.

“Check your phone for my prescription, if you have any questions, contact me on Facebook. All the information you need is already sent to your phone. Nice seeing you!”

My phone beeped. She grinned at my baffled expression and walked out.

I’m done? I’ve only been here for 10 minutes?! It took me longer to get out of bed this morning. My phone beeped urgently at me again.

I looked down at it. I had a new message titled Results from your doctor’s visit on May 5, 2020. Upon opening it, I read the instructions to open the secured portal to access my information.

As I entered my personal details into the portal my thoughts wandered again. I wonder how much it would cost me for this visit and the prescription she talked about. It must be expensive since she’s using that fancy tablet to know everything about me.

The portal opened and I immediately clicked on my bill.


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