It’s time to act

There it it’s again! Another life lost to pancreatic cancer. I don’t even know this person and I’m inflamed! This man had the Whipple surgery, was in remission for five months then the cancer returned in full force with him losing his life less than 6 months later. Are you kidding me?! This is ridiculous. I know of no other ailments so aggressive as this. It’s high time we did something about it. There is so much research out there with promising biomarkers for early detection, research about preventive compounds in food, research that states that the disease doesn’t become lethal for 20 years yet I keep reading stories of loved ones leaving too soon.
I read another story of a 62 year old father who had a pretend walk down the isle for his 11 year old daughter since he most likely won’t be around to see the actual day. A young woman, the face of the controversial “I wish I had breast cancer” campaign wed her fiancé and passed away not long after that.
The stories keep coming but the result it’s not changing. It’s time to act now. Prevention is always better. Know your body  and what it feels like at it’s best so that when you feel uncomfortable take action immediately. Anything from taking a supplement, to eating some salad to going for a run or walk could help. The body constantly gives us feed back. It’s time we listened.


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