Natural foods prevent cancer

Just imagine it. Imagine you won the lottery but no one told you. Imagine the love of your life is right in front of you but you’re unable to see. On the other hand, imagine an error that could be fixed but you’re unaware of it.
This is what it feels like to many who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Tumors grow silently without discernible symptoms until one day excruciating abdominal or back pain or yellowing eyes prompts a trip to the doctor. The news is devastating.
The good news is that it could be mostly preventable. And the answer is one we’ve heard over and over again. Good nutrition and an active lifestyle. That’s it. The scientific community is starting to realize this fact as well.
Several recent articles discuss natural compounds found in fruits and veggies that prevent and even destroy cancer cells! They studied how these substances interact specifically with our cells and genes and their effect on overall wellness.
It turns out that mom’s everywhere that encourage their kids to eat their vegetables were right all along.
Being healthy and cancer free doesn’t have to be that difficult. A healthy diet filled with cancer fighting substances goes a long way.
To those who are interested, I’ll provide some links below.
Cancer prevention with food



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